When you are using Keep&Share on you mobile device, you can rely on the same set of icons to make any changes to items within your applications. These icons will be located in the same spots on the mobile device screen, making them easy to access. Remember, all information and updates will always be synchronized in real time between your mobile device and other computers.

Editing items

When you are viewing any of your items either individual or within a Folder, you have two ways to edit those items. When you are in an application Folder (such as a Folder within your Documents application) you will see a blue “Edit” link next to your Documents, Addresses, etc. You can tap on this blue “Edit” link to make any changes to items in your applications.

If you are viewing an item in your mobile account (such as a Document or an Address) you will see a single downward arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile screen. You can tap on this arrow to bring up a drop-down menu and tap on the "Edit" tab to edit the item that you are viewing.

Note: If you are using Event View, you will stay in Event view event after creating or editing any Calendar data, even if you have been using the Go To view to get to the Calendar data you are modifying.