Just like the desktop version of Keep&Share that you access on your computer, you can use Calendar Views to navigate between Events on Keep&Share mobile. There are four Calendar Views on your mobile Calendar: Day, Event, Week, and Month. All of these Calendar Views will show different amounts or layouts of your Event information.

When it comes to your Calendar Views on your mobile device, there are two views that are best to use for a “working” view: Day and Event. All three of these views enable you to see your Event details, as well as make it easy to edit, change, or add new Events to your Calendars. All information and updates will always be synchronized in real time between your mobile device and other computers.

The Go To and Today views on your mobile device are for navigating through your Calendar information. By tapping on the “Go To” view you can navigate to other months and years on your mobile Calendar. Unlike on your computer, the mobile versions of your month and year views will be too small to give you the proper details on your Calendar. You can use the Go To view to navigate through your Calendars to find the right day or week's worth of Event information that you are looking for. See the image below:

The “Today” mobile view is for returning to the current day in your Calendar after navigating to other day views.

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