You can quickly and easily export data from your Keep&Share calendar in both .ICS and .KCS file formats. An .ICS file is an industry-standard iCalendar format and a .KCS file is a Keep&Share format that preserves Keep&Share's unique text formatting and colors on your calendar entries.

However, you can also export your calendar data in a .CSV format that you can use in other database programs such as Excel. This can be useful if you want to pull certain data from your Calendar for either analysis or bookkeeping, e.g. you want to track how many appointments you’ve had this year with “John Smith.”

When you export your Calendar data in .CSV format, the information from your Calendar will be exported into five columns of information: date, start time, end time, and Event name. This allows you to sort of the information as you need to in a simple spreadsheet format. Unlike with the .ICS and .KCS file formats, you will export the .CSV format using the Calendar’s “Search” command.

Exporting a single Calendar search

If you are looking to export only Events with a specific search term, such as a place or name, follow the steps in the image below. Notice that in the Calendar’s “Search” function you can also limit your search by date by using the Calendar drop-down icons. You can also choose whether or not to search through any Calendar overlays you have on one particular Calendar.

Once your Calendar has been exported as a .CSV it will look similar to the spreadsheet below:

Exporting your entire Calendar

If you are looking to export all of the Event information in your Calendar as a .CSV file, you can do this by leaving the search field blank and clicking on the blue "Search" button. By leaving the "Search" text field blank, it will pull up all entries in your calendar. See the image below:

You can also export your calendar as a .CSV file by using the "Calendar Export" screen. First, you'll need to access the "Customize" screen. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you are on the "Calendar Export" screen you'll need to make sure that you have the .CSV file format selected. Then you can click on the green "Review Exports" button to review what calendar entries are being exported. Follow the steps in the image below:

After clicking on the "Review Exports" screen you'll be taken to a page where you can review what Day Notes and Entries are being exported. After reviewing the entries you can click on the green "Export Calendar" button to download the file to your computer. See the image below: