If you are showing the start and end times of Events or if you have multiple Events listed in one day, you can clean up the look of your Events by shortening the time display. There are two ways you can shorten the Event time display:

  1. shorten the “am” and “pm” to “a” and “p”
  2. remove the “:00” from times listed on the hour
Note: Shortening your time display only works for 12-hour time display, and not 24 hour time display.

Removing the “am” and “pm”

By default, the times on your Calendar Events will be listed as “am” or “pm.” When you modify your Event display, you can shorten these abbreviations. Instead of “am” or “pm” your Event time display will be listed as “a” or “p.”

Removing the “:00” from times listed on the hour

You can also shorten the times on your Events by removing the “:00” from any times that are listed on the hour. For example, if your Event starts at 6:00, you can choose to have a shortened time appear as “6.” This also means that if your Event starts at “6:30” it will still show as “6:30.”

Once you have shortened your time display on your Events it will look similar to the example below: