The “History” button on each address in your Address Book will allow you to see who and when has accessed or edited that particular address. The history will also include any time that you have visited or edited your address.

Note: All of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information in the examples below are not real. All Keep&Share information is kept private unless you choose it to be otherwise.

Accessing your address history

Once you click on the “History” button you will see two sections to your address history. The top section shows the lifetime history of that address. It will show everyone who has ever visited that address, how many times they have visited that address, and the last time that person accessed that address.

The bottom section of your address history will show all activity details for that address for the last 60 days. This will include any time the address was accessed by yourself or Visitors to your address and any changes that might have been made.

To go back to your address details, just click on the “Return” button at the bottom of the address history page.