When you are importing addresses into your Address Books, you have the option of importing .CSV files (Comma Separated Values). You can save an Excel Spreadsheet as a .CSV file and you can import address information from that spreadsheet directly into Keep&Share. By using the field names below to label your information in a .CSV file, you can make sure to import all of your address information into the correct fields within Keep&Share. If you don't want to rename your spreadsheet columns, you can use our field name map when you are importing your addresses.

List of Supported CSV Field Names

These are the field names recognized when the Address application imports a CSV file:

  • Title, Job Title, JobTitle
  • First Name, FirstName
  • Last Name, LastName, Name
  • Suffix
  • Company
  • Business Street, BusinessStreet, Work Street, WorkStreet
  • Business Street2, BusinessStreet2, Work Street2, WorkStreet2
  • Business Street3, BusinessStreet3, Work Street3, WorkStreet3
  • Business City, BusinessCity, Work City, WorkCity
  • Business State, BusinessState, Business Province, BusinessProvince, Work State, WorkState, Work Province, WorkProvince
  • Business Postal Code, BusinessPostalCode, Business Zip Code, BusinessZipCode, Work Postal Code, WorkPostalCode, Work Zip Code, WorkZipCode,
  • Business Country, BusinessCountry, Work Country, WorkCountry
  • Business Fax, BusinessFax, Work Fax, WorkFax
  • Business Phone, BusinessPhone, Work Phone, WorkPhone
  • Business Phone 2, BusinessPhone2, Work Phone 2, WorkPhone2
  • Business Phone 3, BusinessPhone3, Work Phone 3, WorkPhone3
  • Home Street, HomeStreet, AddressLine1, Addresss1, Address
  • Home Street2, HomeStreet2, AddressLine2, Address2
  • Home Street3, HomeStreet3, AddressLine3, Address3
  • Home City, HomeCity, City
  • Home State, HomeState, State, Province
  • Home Postal Code, HomePostalCode, Zip Code, ZipCode, Zip
  • Home Country, HomeCountry, Country
  • Home Fax, HomeFax, Fax
  • Home Phone, HomePhone, Phone, Phone #
  • Home Phone 2, HomePhone2
  • Home Phone 3, HomePhone3
  • Other Street, OtherStreet
  • Other Street2, OtherStreet2
  • Other Street3, OtherStreet3
  • Other City, OtherCity
  • Other State, OtherState, Other Province, OtherProvince
  • Other Postal Code, OtherPostalCode, Other Zip Code, OtherZipCode
  • Other Country, OtherCountry
  • Other Fax, OtherFax
  • Other Phone, OtherPhone
  • Other Phone 2, OtherPhone2
  • Other Phone 3, OtherPhone3
  • E-mail Address, E-mailAddress, Email, EmailAddress, Work Email, WorkEmail, Business Email, BusinessEmail
  • E-mail 2 Address, E-mail2Address, Email, HomeEmail
  • Mobile Phone, MobilePhone, Cell Phone, CellPhone, Mobile
  • URL, Web Page, WebPage

Which Tab Address Fields Go Into

The import process recognizes six tab types: business, home, other, shipping, billing, and contact as part of the column field names. These tabs are listed as tabs at the top of your address. If a field name (ex. "email") is prefixed by one of these tab types (ex. "business email") then that tab will be created in your address. We support any address fields that have one of these six tab types added as a prefix.

The address field will force the creation of a tab with that card name, e.g., if you have a Business Street field, you'll get a Business tab, or if you have a Home Street you'll get a Home tab. If there is not a prefix added to your address field, then that information will be automatically added to the "contact" tab. "Work" and "Business" labels are interchangeable and will go to the same tab.