Rather than scrolling or clicking through pages of addresses, you can easily find the address you need by using the “Search” function located above your addresses in your Address Book.

You can search through individual folders of addresses, or through your entire Address Book. The Search function also makes it easier to locate specific addresses that you are looking to share with other members on Keep&Share. All you need to do is type your search terms into the text field and your matching results will automatically start appearing on the screen. See the image below:

The Address Book "Search” function will search through all of your address information fields showing on the screen to find anything that matches your search terms. If you want to search through an information field that is not showing on the screen, learn more about how to change what fields are showing in Card View and what fields are showing in List View.

Any searches that you make will remain on the screen until you clear them by clicking on the red “X” next to the “Search” button. This also means that you can print and export the results of any address search.

Combine the “Search” feature with “Filters” for a more powerful way to look through your addresses.