Much like Calendar Events you can set up reminders for the Tasks on your To Do Lists. Task reminders are a way of notifying you about the upcoming start or due dates on individual Tasks. Before you set the reminders for your Tasks, make sure that the time zone on your account is accurate

Otherwise, the reminders are sent out according to the California timezone since that is where Keep&Share servers are located.

You will need to set a start date and/or a due date for a Task before you can set up a reminder.

Setting a Task reminder

You can send two Task reminders for yourself (one for the start date and one for the due date). These reminders can be sent by email, text, or both.

Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have added a reminder to a Task, there will be a small bell icon that appears on the right-hand side of the Task to let you know that a reminder has been set.

Note: You cannot set different amounts of time before the reminder is sent for the start date and the due date. Meaning, you will receive different reminders for each date, but you will have to choose the same amount of time beforehand (ex. you can choose to receive a reminder at 8:00am two days prior to the start date and two days prior to the due date, not two days prior to the start date and 5 days prior to the due date).

Setting a Default Event reminder

You can turn on Default Event Reminders for any To Do List — to always get a reminder at the same time before/after all Tasks. To learn how to set up default task reminders follow the steps in the image below:

Learn more about how to send Task reminders to friends.