In a To Do List with many Tasks you may sometimes want to view only certain Tasks. A long list of Tasks can start to look complicated and it may be hard to pick out a certain group of Tasks you're looking for. For example, you may want to see only the Tasks marked with gold stars or the Tasks that are overdue (learn more about setting dates on Tasks).

At the top of your To Do List there is a drop-down menu labeled "All Tasks" where you can choose to view particular Tasks. You can filter your Tasks by:

  • My Tasks - These are tasks that have been assigned to you. This is especially helpful when you are visiting To Do Lists in other users' accounts.
  • By Assignment - Your tasks will be arranged in order of who has been assigned to each task.
  • By Priority - These are tasks that you have assigned one of four different levels of priority. Each priority level is marked with a different color of flag icon. The four priority levels are: High priority (red flag), Medium priority (orange flag), Low priority (yellow flag), and none (no flag).
  • By Status - These are tasks that you have assigned a colored marker that indicates a progress status of "In progress," "Finished," or "Delayed" for your tasks.
  • By Tag - These are tasks marked with tags. “Task Tags” are tags that you can assign to tasks in your To Do Lists in order to label and color code them. Tags help you to visually link together similar tasks very quickly.
  • By Start Date - You can list your tasks in order of when their start date is.
  • By Due Date - You can list your task in order of when their due date is.

See the image below for where you access the "All Tasks" list:

Aside from using the "All Tasks" drop-down menu, you can also filter for specific Tasks that have a specific combination of tags added to them using the "Filter" icon in the brown bar at the top of your To Do List. For example, let's say that I want to find all tasks that are currently "In Progress" that are also "High Priority." Follow the steps in the image below:

To return to your normal To Do List view simply click the "All Tasks" drop-down box again and click on the "All Tasks" option or click on the red "X" in the brown bar above your To Do List. This will clear any filter from the drop-down menu that you have used and show all of your Tasks in your list again.