Task hyperlinks are links that point to any URL on the web that you can add to individual Tasks in order to provide more information. This is especially useful if you are sharing your To Do Lists with others and they need additional information on Tasks. To add a link to your Task follow the steps in the image below:

Note: You can only add one hyperlink to a Task. You can choose whether your link opens in a new browser window, in the same window, 

Once the link is added it will appear to the right of the Task in blue. Whatever information you put in the “Details” text field of the link will be visible when you scroll over the link. See the image below:

Attach Keep&Share applications to your Task via hyperlink

All of your Keep&Share applications have individual links that you can attach as a hyperlink to your Tasks. This allows you to easily share any additional information that might be attached to the Task. Just copy the link to the application (Ex. Documents, Photo Albums, etc.) and paste it into the “URL” field for the Task link.

Learn more about:

Or you can directly attach items to Tasks in your To Do Lists.

Note: Make sure all of your applications that you are linking to on Keep&Share have been shared publicly or with the friends viewing your To Do List.