Task Notes" are extra details and text that you can add to your Tasks. This helps you to provide more information about the Task, such as extra steps or supplies necessary to complete the Task. This also helps you to add details to your Task without cluttering up the look of your To Do List. To add Notes to your Task, follow the steps in the image below:

Once you close the Task editor, your notes will be available as a blue link to the right of the Task. Click on the blue “Notes” link to see your notes.

Show your Notes in your To Do List

By default, if you want to see the notes that you've added to a Task, you'll need to click on the blue "Notes" link to see them. Your notes will pop up in a new dialog so that you and anyone you share your list with can read them. 

However, you can change your default list settings so that your "Notes" text will appear below your Tasks in your list. Follow the steps in the image below: