When you have multiple To Do Lists with lots of Tasks you may want to search through all of your lists. You can search through all of your lists at once using the search button in the upper right corner of your To Do List screen. This function is highly useful if you need to search through your lists for a specific name or action.

Using your List search

When you use the search function the results that match your search terms will show up below the search bar. The results will be listed by the name of the To Do List with the matching Tasks showing below the list that they belong to. You can click on the Task in the search results and you will be taken to the list the Task is in with the Task highlighted in yellow.

The yellow highlight on your selected Task is not permanent. It will go away as soon as you edit your list or switch to another To Do List.

The search bar in your List search will only use exact search terms. In the example above, you would have to search by using the word “call” to bring up the two Tasks that are listed. Searching by “call flower” or “printing call” would not bring up any results in your list search.