Keep&Share gives you the option of exporting your To Do Lists from your Keep&Share account. This is so that you can create a backup of your lists on your computer or so that you can install your Tasks from your lists into other applications, such as a calendar application on your computer.

Exporting a Single To Do List

You can export a single To Do List from your account by following the steps below:

Exporting Multiple To Do Lists

You can also choose to export some or all of your To Do Lists in a Folder Set at once. To export multiple To Do Lists at once you will first need to access the export panel on your To Do List. Follow the steps in the image below:

When you export your To Do List you have the option of exporting it in one of two formats:

  • “.KCS” - Keep&Share’s To Do List backup and transfer format. Use this if you want to re-use the To Do data in Keep&Share.
  • “.ICS” - this is the industry’s standard file format and is supported by many programs. Use this to transfer data to non-Keep&Share programs.
  • ".CSV" - You can use this format to import your To Do Lists into other database programs such as Excel.

You will need to click on the List Set that has the To Do List or Lists that you want to export in your To Do application. You can export a single list or all of the lists in that List Set. If you select the “All ToDo Lists” option in the “ToDo Lists” drop-down menu, all of the Tasks will be exported from all of your To Do Lists in that List Set. However, if you choose this option all of your Tasks will be exported as one list, not different lists.