“Tasks” are rows of items that you place in a To Do List. Each Task represents an item that needs to be individually taken care of. Tasks can be shown as either “active” or “finished.” Tasks can also be given different levels of priority.

Finished and unfinished Tasks

When you have completed a Task, all you need to do is click the check box next to the Task and the Task will then appear gray with a strike through the middle of it. This makes it easy to assess what Tasks are finished and what Tasks still need to be completed within your To Do List.

You can also unmark all of your finished Tasks as “unfinished” at once by using the “Reset Tasks” button above your To Do List. When you click on the “Reset Finished” button, all of your Tasks that have a strikethrough (indicating that the Task is finished) will be cleared and returned to solid black text without a strikethrough (indicating that the Task is “active” or “unfinished”). Follow the steps in the image below:

When you make changes to your To Do List changes are instantly reflected in your List without having to save your list. This helps you to work as quickly as possible when making adjustments to your lists and Tasks.

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