To Do List overlays allow you to create a combined view of your Calendars and To Do Lists by layering your To Do List on top of your calendar. You can overlay a To Do List on your calendar whether or not you've assigned start or due dates to your Tasks. This way you can view all of your Tasks and Events at once to make sure you never miss a date for a Task. 

There are two ways to add a To Do List as an overlay so that it shows up on your Calendar.

Adding a list overlay in the To Do List application

When you are looking at a specific To Do List in your To Do application you can click on the “Calendar Overlays” button to overlay your To Do List.

Adding a list overlay in the Calendar application

First, you will need to access the Calendar you want to add a To Do List overlay to. Follow the steps in the image below:

After selecting your Calendar, follow the steps below to add your To Do List overlay.

In the “Choose an Overlay” drop-down menu you’ll notice that there is also the option to select “ToDos Shared With You.” If you choose this option you will be shown a list of To Do Lists that other Friends in Keep&Share have shared with you. You can select from To Do Lists shared with you for your Calendar overlays.