Tasks in your To Do Lists can have many more levels of organization besides “finished” or “unfinished.” You can also assign four different levels of priority. Each priority level is marked with a different color of flag icon. The four priority levels are: High priority (red flag), Medium priority (orange flag), Low priority (yellow flag), and none (no flag).

When you assign a priority level to a Task, those Tasks will be moved to the top of your To Do List in the order of priority. This means that all Tasks assigned with High priority (red flags) will be at the top of the list followed by Medium priority tasks (yellow flag), etc.

You can also assign a priority level to a task when you are editing it. Please see the image below:

Once you have assigned priorities to your tasks, you can also view your tasks by order of priority. First, you will need to click on the "All Tasks" dropdown menu and then click on the "By Priority" option. Once you have done that your To Do List will look like the one below:

When you have sorted your tasks by priority, you can also drag-n-drop tasks from one priority section to another and that task will inherit the priority level of the section it was dropped into. For example, in the image above I have a task named "Sweep the porch" and it has a priority level of "none." If I click on that task and drag and drop it into the "Medium" priority section, the "Sweep the porch" task will go from having a priority level of "none" to a priority level of "Medium."

You can also customize the labels and colors for your priority flags.

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