Keep&Share’s To Do application provides the ability to create, manage and share lists of Tasks, allowing you to painlessly track items on your To Do List. A “To Do List” is an easily editable online list where you can create rows of items that you need to do, called “Tasks.”

You can create as many separate To Do Lists and as many Tasks in your To Do Lists as you would like. Each list holds an unlimited amount of text. You have the ability to organize your To Do lists into separate Folder Sets and mark your Tasks with different levels of importance.

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You can also import To Do Lists or export your To Do lists, making it easy to consolidate or back up any Tasks. Like with all Keep&Share applications, your To Do Lists have the unique ability to be shared among anyone you choose. You can share the To Do Lists directly with individuals with Keep&Share accounts, share links to your lists, and even embed your lists anywhere on the web.

If you have a paid Keep&Share account you can also add To Do Lists as overlays on your Calendar. This makes it easy to keep your life organized from one platform.

To Do Lists are also easily synchronized with Keep&Share's Calendar application, ensuring that you never miss a due date.