Besides controlling sharing for the individual Bookmark, you can also set sharing at the Folder level. Whenever you set Folder sharing, all Bookmarks in that Folder (and any subsequently newly created Bookmarks) are automatically given the Folder’s Share Settings. Please note that you cannot share your bookmarks publicly and you can only share with a private group of visitors or only with yourself.

Note: before setting sharing, you might want to set up a Share Group for your Friends.

How to set folder-level sharing

Control the Default Sharing of all Bookmarks in a Folder

Once you set the sharing on a Folder, any new Bookmarks created in that Folder will inherit their sharing from the Folder. This is a great way to set up your own default sharing for all new Bookmarks.

Be careful: The “Apply these share settings to all existing bookmarks in this folder” box is checked by default. When it is checked, all of your Bookmarks in the Folder set will receive the new sharing you specify for the Folder Set. It is a powerful way to erase or set new sharing on everything at once.

Click the “Can Edit” checkbox to give Edit rights to whoever you share the Bookmark or Bookmark Folder with. You can either select individual names and share groups to give Edit Rights to, or you can click on the checkbox next to "Can Edit" at the top of the Edit Rights column to select everyone in your Share List at once. However, to guard against accidental deletion of important information, only you can delete the Bookmarks in the Folder.

Note: In order to receive Edit Rights for a Bookmark Folder, both the person giving the Edit Rights and the person receiving the Edit Rights must have a paid Keep&Share account. This function does not work in free accounts.

How to share Folder Sets

Keep&Share gives you two levels of folder organization. The top-level is called a “Folder Set.” In new accounts, they have an initial default name of “Folder Set 1,” “Folder Set 2” etc.

How to share multiple Bookmarks at once

Folder sharing works identically across all Keep&Share applications, including To Do, where the Folders are called “Lists.”