After you have created a Bookmark  or edited a Bookmark, you will need to save your changes. You have several options when it comes to saving a Bookmark. Note that the “Save and Add” button in the new Bookmark screen below is not an available option when you are editing a Bookmark; it is only available when you are creating a new Bookmark.

Your saving options are listed at the top left side of the Bookmark when it is in editing mode:

Save in this Folder - The “Save in this Folder” option is a drop-down menu that gives you the option of saving your Bookmark in any of the Folders you have created. If you change which Folder the Bookmark is saved in, be sure to click one of the other “Save” buttons below it to save this change.

Save and Exit - This button allows you to save your changes and then exit your Bookmark and go back to the screen that lists all of your Bookmarks in that Folder.

Save - This button allows you to save any of your change in your Bookmark without leaving your Bookmark. This is a good way to back-up your progress in case something happens while you are working. Note that Keep&Share also automatically saves your progress after a certain amount of time has passed since your last save.

Save and Add - This option allows you to save your progress on your current Bookmark and then bring up a new empty Bookmark.