Can I use my personal account as a Team Account?

Whenever you are thinking of using Keep&Share for group information and coordination, we recommend you create a new Keep&Share account just for that group, rather than putting the group’s information into your own account.

There are many benefits of a separate account for your group:

  • You can give the Team Account a meaningful name such as "WidgetWorld" "Troop923" or "WilliametteSchool" or "ProjectAurora".
  • Your group site can then be accessed by its name, for instance as ''.
  • Group information won’t be intermingled with your personal information in your personal account.
  • The Team Account will have its own set of fresh applications and empty folder spaces, its own separate Friends List, etc.
  • You can set up unique Share Groups for the Team Account that are distinct from your personal Share Groups.
  • You can track all group account activity at the Team Account's own Dashboard.

Who can edit a Team Account?

Only the person logged into an account can edit all aspects of a site. However, a great way to give editing rights out to other users is to give them view & edit rights on specific folders - they can then edit, upload and delete files within any folder that they have edit rights.

Who can visit and view a Team Account?

Information on your group site can be shared with other users, or kept completely private so that only you can view it. You have complete control!

By default all of your information is private until you use the Share Control to grant visiting rights to others.

You can share as few or as many items as you want. When others visit your account, they will be shown only those items which you have shared with their account names. Learn more about Visits.

Learn more about how to create Team Accounts.