In "My Account" you can keep track of all of the data and bandwidth your account is using. Free Basic accounts and paid Team and Solo accounts are allowed different amounts of account storage space and download bandwidth. Download bandwidth is how much data is downloaded from your account. This will include any Files that you upload into your account or that Visitors download from you.

Note: If you are using a mobile device, then you'll need to switch to desktop view before you can follow these steps.

Accessing your Account Usage Statistics

Your account usage statistics will be listed at the bottom of your "My Account" screen. See the image below:

This section will tell you:

  • How many calendars are active
  • How many entries are in each calendar
  • How many bookings are in Self-Book for the month
  • How many Event Tags you're using
  • How many files you've uploaded
  • How much file storage you've used
  • How many photos you've uploaded
  • How many addresses you have

This section can also give you detailed reports on the day's and month's downloads from your account. See the image below: