If you have many collections of Bookmarks saved in multiple browsers or even multiple computers, you may want to have all of your Bookmarks in one location. Not only does Keep&Share make it easy to consolidate all of your Bookmarks, but it also gives you a safe place to back up all of your Bookmarks in case something should happen to your computer.

Before you import your bookmarks into Keep&Share, you must first export your bookmarks from the browser (ex. Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) on your computer with the bookmarks. This process will be different depending on what browser you’re using so we suggest looking up the directions for exporting bookmarks from your specific browser on the internet. The exported file will be an HTML file.

Once your Bookmarks have been uploaded, you will receive a confirmation. You will be notified of the number of Bookmarks that were successfully uploaded as well as any duplicate Bookmarks there might be. Duplicate Bookmarks will not be imported.

Learn more about exporting Bookmarks from Keep&Share.