There are two ways you can add Bookmarks to your applications in Keep&Share. You can either copy the link for your application within the application itself or you can click on the “Bookmark” button that is available in your applications. The only difference between these two methods is that while Keep&Share generates a unique link for all of the information that you create in your account, not every application will have a “Bookmark” button available.

Adding Bookmarks by copying the application link

You add Bookmarks to Keep&Share the same way you would add any Bookmark to Keep&Share. The only difference is when it comes to pasting the link to the application, you can copy the individual link that each application has when you have created it. You can then share that Bookmark with others. If you only copy the link that is currently in the browser while you are viewing your application, no one will be able to access your application using that link. That link is only in your Keep&Share account when you are logged in.

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Adding Bookmarks by using the “Bookmark” button

The “Bookmark” button is only available in the following applications: Files and Addresses. Anytime that you click on the name of a File or an Address to view that item, you will see a gray “Bookmark” at the bottom of the page that will look like the following image:

When you click on the “Bookmark” button, a Bookmark of your application will automatically be added to your list of Bookmarks in the “Bookmarks” tab. Clicking on this button will not take you out of the application that you are currently in.