The easiest way to get an accurate Link (URL) that works is to first use a browser window to browse to the web page you want to remember as a Bookmark. Once you are at the web page, you can then use one of these two methods to copy the link from the browser’s “Address” bar:

  1. You can drag and drop the link by placing your mouse over the icon at the left end of the address bar, clicking and dragging the mouse cursor until it is over Keep&Share’s link field, then releasing the mouse button. The entire link is copied from the browser’s address bar to Keep&Share’s link field.
  2. Or you can use the copy command: point another browser window at the web page you want to refer to, then right-click your mouse in the address bar of the browser. Then select "copy" from the menu choice. Then go to Keep&Share and click to place the cursor in the Link field, and right click your mouse, and select "paste from the menu choice

You can also make a bookmark for your information on Keep&Share. Learn more about how to bookmark your Keep&Share applications.