When you upload your images to Keep&Share, we recommend uploading the largest possible size of the Photo. Based on your photo size, we have five size options for when you insert your uploaded Photos into other applications. However, when it comes to adding Photos to your Calendar Events Keep&Share automatically sizes your inserted Photos to the same size, which have a width of 128 pixels.

This allows you to insert Photos into your Events without any extra work on your part. However, sometimes you want your Visitors to view larger versions of your Event Photos. You can do this by adding tables in your Event Notes.

Adding tables to your Event Notes

First, you will need to open your Event Editor. Once the Event Editor is open you will need to click on the "More Options" button to expand the Event Editor to access the Event Notes. Follow the steps below:

Once you have inserted your table into your Event Note, you can add images in the table using the “Insert Photo” icon. Please note that before you insert your Photo into your Event Note, it must already be an uploaded Photo.