The first time you share an item with someone they are always sent a Notification. In addition, if you have the “Send change notifications to shares” box checked in the Share Control (see below), these actions generate Notifications:

  1. An item (calendar, file, photo album, etc.) has been shared with you
  2. Edits to the item that either belongs to you or has been shared with you
  3. When someone posts a comment to the shared item

A Notification to others is never generated when you are viewing your own information.

In order to receive Notifications you or your friends must be 1) subscribed to an account (this means that you will only receive Notifications about items that have been shared publicly from that account) or 2) have been added to the Share Control for the shared item and the "Send change notifications to shares" box has been checked. See the image below:

Notifications on a shared item are only sent if you check the box "Send change notifications to shares" that appears in the Share Control. The “Send change notifications to shares” box is checked by default. When it is checked, everyone in the Share List receives Notifications in their Inbox on their Dashboard. The Notification message includes:

  • the name of the application with recent activity
  • what kind of activity that has occurred
  • who was responsible for the activity
  • the date and the time the activity occurred

Likewise, whenever anyone creates, edits or comments on an item that they have shared with you, and the "Send change notifications to shares" checkbox is checked, a Notification message will appear in the Inbox section on your Dashboard.

If you want to receive Notifications by email and/or text message you and your friends will also need to make sure that your Communication Settings are set up to receive these types of Notifications.

To stop Notifications from being sent to anyone, just uncheck the "Send change notifications..." checkbox in the Share Control of the item.  Learn more about sharing publicly, limited sharing, and private sharing

Learn more about how to set up Notifications.