There are several ways you can stop receiving Notifications from Keep&Share.

  1. Stop receiving Notifications from a particular item you've shared (ex. Document, Photo Album, or Calendar).
  2. Stop sending Notifications to particular Friends.
  3. Stop receiving Notifications from particular Friends.
  4. Stop receiving Notifications by email.
  5. Stop subscribing to other Keep&Share accounts.

How to stop receiving Notifications from a particular item you’ve shared

If you no longer want to receive Notifications from an item that you've shared you can uncheck "Notifications" checkbox for everyone in the Share Control. Once you've done that, you'll stop receiving and sending notifications of when others edit items that you've shared with them. 

How to stop sending public Notifications to particular Friends

If you need to stop sending any of your Public account Notifications to particular friends, you can put those friends' Account Names on a block list. If a friend is on this list, they will not receive any Notifications from you unless you have explicitly included their Account Name in a Share List. Learn more about managing your Notifications.

You can also share an item with your Friends, but not notify them that you made any edits, comments, or when you shared the item with them. You can do this by unchecking the “Notifications” box next to their name in the Share Control. Learn more about Alerting Friends.

How to stop receiving Notifications from particular Friends

If you don't want to receive Notifications from a particular user you can block their account from sending you Notifications. This will block you from receiving all Notifications from any Account Name on this list. By putting someone on this list, it does not stop them from receiving Notifications from you. Learn more about managing your Notifications.

How to stop receiving Notifications by email

By adjusting your Email Settings you can also stop receiving Notifications entirely. The Email Settings allow you to change the frequency of receiving Notifications to nothing at all. Learn more about adjusting your Email Frequency.

How to stop Subscribing to another user’s Keep&Share account

If you have Subscribed to another user and you simply want to stop receiving Notifications of their public shares, you can stop Subscribing to their account by using the manage Subscriptions screen to remove your Subscription to them. You will then not receive any Notification messages of activity in that user’s account.