Every shared item sends Notifications to these users:

  1. Accounts explicitly included in the Share List.
  2. Accounts in Share Groups that are on the Share List.
  3. Accounts who have “Subscribed” to your “Public” shares.
Note that for someone to receive Notifications they must have a Keep&Share account. We require this to ensure they can control the receipt of emails to their account - e.g., do they want to get the alerts immediately, hourly, daily or weekly. By having an account, they can control the frequency of email Notifications they receive from Keep&Share.

Alert Friends

Notifications on a shared item are only sent if you check the box “Notifications” or if they click on the "Notifications" checkboxes that appear next to individual names in the Share Control. See the image below:

The “Notifications” box is checked by default so that all members of your Share List will receive notifications. When it is checked, everyone in the Share List receives notifications in their Dashboard. The Notification message includes your account name, the title of the item, the time of the edit, and a link to the item.

Likewise, whenever anyone creates, edits, or comments on an item that they have shared with you, and the “Notifications” checkboxes are checked, a Notification message will appear on your Dashboard.

To stop Notifications from being sent to anyone, just uncheck the “Notifications” checkboxes in the pop-up Share Control dialog of the item that you are sharing. You can always access the Share Control for your item by clicking on the gray “Share” button in the blue bar above the item you are sharing. Learn more about sharing publicly, limited sharing, and private sharing.

“When will I receive Notifications?”

  1. If you’ve subscribed to your friends’ accounts, you will receive Notifications about when your friends create or edit an item that is shared “Public”. Learn more about subscribing to your friends’ accounts.
  2. When your friends share an item specifically with you. Learn more about how to share an item.