Keep&Share can send almost all of its messages to either or both an email address or mobile phone. When we send a message to the mobile phone as a text message, we strip it down to its bare essentials to keep it as short as possible. Your mobile phone provider determines exactly how many characters they allow in each message and whether they will use several messages if necessary.

Please note that you can also receive app notifications in place of text messages through our free mobile app.

Only account owners can receive Calendar Event Reminders via text. The “Send a Copy” options on Event Reminders will only send email copies, not texts, to the people on your Share Control or in the list of friends.

Note: If you are using a mobile device, then you'll need to switch to desktop view before you can follow these steps.

Adding Mobile Phone Numbers

To add a mobile phone number to your account, you will first need to access your Communication Settings. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have accessed your Communication Settings you can click on the "Add Mobile/SMS Number" button which will open a pop-up dialog. In this dialog, you will choose the country that your cell phone number is from and then type in your cell phone number. Follow the steps in the image below:

If you enter a mobile number, Keep&Share will send you an initial text message to verify that this number is accurate and works. When you receive the message, reply to it with the word “Confirm” to verify the mobile number. If your cell phone number hasn't been verified, it will be listed as "pending verification" below:

Until your mobile number has been verified, we cannot send text messages to your phone.

If your cell phone number is from a country not listed in the "Country Code" drop-down menu you will need to manually add your cell phone number and choose your cell phone carrier to your account.

Learn more about how to find your Mobile Email Address if you don't know it already.