Every account is required to have at least one valid email address. To ensure that the email address is valid, you are required to verify the address by clicking on a link in a verification email we send you. This includes if you change your preferred email address. If you have problems verifying, see this help screen on resolving verification problems.

Note: If you are using a mobile device, then you'll need to switch to desktop view before you can follow these steps.

Adding an email address to your account

On the Communication Settings page, you will see a list of emails that have been selected to receive notifications and the type of notifications from your Keep&Share account. Keep&Share sends private information from your account to the listed destinations. Do not enter other people's email addresses or phone numbers, unless you want them to have full access to everything in your account including your password.

Mobile Phone and Email Limits

You are allowed to enter a maximum of 4 email addresses and 2 mobile phone numbers. These should be your emails and phones. Each person you share with should enter their own emails and phones into their own email settings screen inside their Keep&Share account. When you share with them and they receive Reminders or Notifications, they can therefore control which email addresses and phone numbers these go to, and they can also control the frequency with which they receive messages from Keep&Share.

Why Have Multiple Registered Addresses?

Certain Keep&Share features use the list of registered addresses. For instance, the “Upload Photos by Email” and “Upload Files by Email” features allow you to email photos and files into your account from any email address that you have registered.

Learn more about using and what kinds of messages your verified account email addresses can receive.