All photos are uploaded at their original size up to a maximum size of 1800 pixels wide. 1800 pixels provides enough resolution to fill all but the very largest computer screens, and allows for excellent photo prints at sizes up to 8"x10".

You should upload the largest version file of each photo. Normally this would be the original file you took off your camera. Keep&Share will take your large original file and do compression and image optimization to create a gorgeous 1800 pixel-wide version for uploading into your Keep&Share account. Compression is done on your computer before uploading so the upload times are fast even if you give us a 10mb original file. Full-size photos are a maximum of 1800 pixels in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Large photos are a maximum of 780 pixels vertical. Medium is a maximum of 518 pixels vertical. Small is a maximum of 318 pixels vertical. The horizontal dimension depends on the aspect ratio of your original photo.

Note: Only paid accounts provide an option to view photos in the full 1800 pixel size.

When you are inserting your photos into other applications on Keep&Share, you have several pre-determined size options that you can choose from. These size options are only available if you upload the image to the largest size possible. Keep&Share does not make the photos any larger, so the largest size available of these photos in your account will be the size of the file you upload.

Photo sizes are:

Max Size
TTiny or Thumb256 x 256 pixels
SSmall475 x 317 pixels
MMedium775 x 517 pixels
LLarge1170 x 780 pixels
Full SizeFull Size1800 x 1200
Original FileSelectively upload and
attach original photo files
Unlimited (as large as your camera produces)

Full Size

When viewing photos in a Photo Album, at the bottom of each photo is the “Show Full Size” command. Because full-size photos are so large, when you click on this link, Keep&Share will open a new window and display the photo at the largest available resolution.

Original Files

Paid accounts can upload original, full-resolution photo files (e.g., 2 or 4 or 6 or 10 megabytes in size). To upload the original file, edit any already uploaded photo and click on the “Upload Original” button. Once it's uploaded there will be a “Download Original” button displayed with this photo. This is a great way to store your original photo files for your best photos. First, you will need to access your Photo Library. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you reached your Photo Library in the Navigator you will then need to follow these steps:

After you have selected the original Photo file you want to upload, click the “Upload Now” button at the bottom of the uploader screen.

Bulk Upload Original Photo Files Using Photo Application

Sometimes you want others to be able to transfer dozens or scores of large, original photo files from other computers to your computer. In this case, use the Photo application's Bulk Uploader — it will upload the full original Photos into a Photo Album. You can easily give a “download Photo Album link” command to download the entire album. This is an ideal way to let colleagues transfer photos to you, including large original photo files.

Resolution Quality of Uploaded Photos

Paid accounts upload Photos with the highest quality, with file sizes that are 140%-150% of the size in the Free accounts. You can upload large, high-quality Photos into Keep&Share using the Bulk Photo Uploader.

Increase Your Library's Capacity

Under the “Photo Library” tab you’ll see how many Photos your account is allowed to hold and how many you currently have in it. Photo capacity is as follows:

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to a Photo Album. However, we suggest limiting each Photo Album to 100-200 Photos to keep the Photo Album performance fast and manageable for you and your Visitors.

Paid subscribers are allowed to upload 300 Photos at a time, and also gain advanced commands to download and copy photos and albums. Learn more about paid subscription plans.