Whenever you mark a Keep&Share Document “Archived,” it is subsequently hidden from your view unless you ask for archived Documents to be displayed.

Archiving files is a great way to archive information out of sight (and our of your way) without really getting rid of it. Archiving works for Documents, uploaded Files, Addresses, Discussions, Bookmarks, and Photo Albums. Archiving works very well with the "Copy Document" command to quickly make and archive a copy of your Document.

Archiving a Document is much safer than deleting a Document because you can always unarchive a Document, but once a document is deleted it’s gone forever.

Archiving Documents

Viewing Archived Documents

To view archived Documents and files, first display them by clicking on the "Archive" icon button at the top of your Document Folder. The Folder will then display only its archived contents. Once a Document is archived your friends will not be able to see it even if it was shared with them.

To return to a normal Folder view, click on the brown “Archive" icon button at the top of your Document Folder.

Unarchiving Documents