When you have shared your Document with either the Public or with only select Friends or Share Groups, you and your friends can leave Comments on your Documents. Learn more about changing the Share Control.

Whenever you or a Visitor to your Document are viewing your Document, there are “Add Comment” buttons at the top and bottom of the Document. Anyone can add a comment to your Document if you share it with them, even if that person does not have a Keep&Share account. If your Document is in Edit mode, you must first click the “View or Print” button at the left side of the Document to access the Document comments.

Note: Free Keep&Share accounts are allowed 20 Comments per Document. All paid accounts are allowed 1000 comments per Document.

Comments will be listed in order of most recently added from the top of the comment thread to the bottom. After you have clicked on the “Post a Comment” button, there will be a text box that appears where you can type in the text of your comment. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have posted your comment, the comment will show up at the bottom of the Document along with your Account Name, the date and time you posted your comment, the option to edit your comment, and a link to your Share Page. You also have all of the formatting tools and linking functions in your comments along with the option to delete your comment.

Note: You only have the option of deleting comments if you are the creator of the Document.