The Team Account is specifically designed for group accounts. It provides easy central setup and administration, group branding, high-performance central capacity in the group account for all Team members to share, and the highest level of features for all Team members. Each Team account can have a different number of user accounts that are attached to the account plan.

If you have a Team Account with Keep&Share, you can use the Team Console to manage your accounts. This will include adding or creating new accounts, removing accounts, changing passwords, etc. for all accounts that are associated with your Team Account.

Note: You only have access to the Team Console if you are the “Master Account” for a Team account.

Accessing the Team Console

To access your Team Console click on the User Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. After you click on this icon you will see a pop-up dialog where you can click on the "Team Console" button. See the image below:

Managing individual accounts in your Team account

All of the accounts that you have added to your Team account will be listed in the "Accounts" tab in your Team Console. For each account that is added to your Team account you can click on the "Edit" button next to their name and see a pop-up dialog of the following options:

  • Change Home Application - You can choose to set a Home Application for an account or you can choose a new Home Application.
  • Log In to this Account - You can log into all of the accounts in your Team account. You will be prompted to enter your master account’s password as a security step.
  • Change Account Password - If one of your accounts has forgotten their password, you can reset their password and send a new one to them.
  • Change Account Name - Change the Account Name for this account.
  • Change Notifications - You can choose what notifications your accounts receive from Keep&Share.
  • View Text Message Usage - You can see the text message usage for individual accounts on your Team.
  • Remove this Account - You can remove the account from your Team account. By doing this, the removed person will keep their Keep&Share account but it will be changed to a Basic free account.
  • Close this Account - When you close an account, it will permanently delete that account. The deleted account will no longer have a  Keep&Share account and all of their information within that account will be deleted as well.

Shared Account Settings

The next header in your Team Console will be “Share Account Settings.” This will allow you to choose:

  • the Share Group name for your Team Members
  • the default first screen for your accounts when they log in (a.k.a. the Home Application)
  • choose which applications will be visible to your new accounts

If you click the checkbox next to “Set Home Application” you can then choose what you want your sub-accounts to see and from whose account it is. The “Home Application” is where you can choose the first screen you want to see when you log into your Keep&Share account. You can choose the Home Application for only new accounts in your Team account or for all of the accounts in your Team account.

Tip: Use ”Share Page” as the first screen: one option for the first screen drop-down is ”Share Page.” If you select this option and “Master Account,” all the accounts on your plan will see your Share Page in your account as their first screen. You can customize the Share Page in your account with instructions and hyperlinks to many shared Calendars and Documents, putting all resources and instructions for your Team in one place.

If you click the checkbox next to the “Enable applications for new accounts” text you can then click on the checkboxes next to the applications that you want to make visible to new seats in your Team account.