As a business or organization you may need to use your Keep&Share account as a group rather than a solo account. At Keep&Share this shared account is known as a “Team Plan.” This is different than a Share Group which is a group of individual accounts listed in a group as part of your Share Control.

Team vs. Solo Accounts

All accounts are able to share with groups. In Keep&Share every account can share with others, so even if it's just you sharing with your two co-workers, your personal account is sharing with a group.

By “Team” accounts we mean a normal Keep&Share account that is created to serve as the group’s own account. E.g., a company “WidgetWorld” might create a Keep&Share account named “WidgetWorld” and use it for company calendars, file sharing, online documents, etc., and each employee in the company would have their own account under the “WidgetWorld” Team account.

The WidgetWorld account would have one master user within the account that would set sharing to give access to each employee's account. The employees log in with their accounts and gain access to some or all of the information in the company's “WidgetWorld” account.

Team Accounts

The Team Account is specifically designed for group accounts. It provides easy central setup and administration, group branding, high performance central capacity in the group account for all Team members to share, and the highest level of features for all Team members.