Keep&Share gives you three main options for sharing your information: You can share your information publicly, with a limited group of Keep&Share users, or only with yourself. “Limited Sharing” is when you select a specific list of people to share with your information with. This also means that the individuals that you share with must be logged into a Keep&Share account in order to see your information.

The Share List part of the Share Control panel in your Keep&Share applications (Files, Photo Albums, Calendars, etc.) will allow you to choose specific Friends (individual Keep&Share Account Names), Share Groups (a specific group of Friends), or Teams to share your information with. This gives you complete control over who sees your information on Keep&Share. Learn more about who you can share with.

How to set your information to be Limited

To give limited sharing to your information, you will need to change the Share Control settings for that item. You can find the Share Control by clicking on the gray “Share” button in the blue bar above your application or by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of your Folder or Folder Set cards in the Navigator. See the image below:

The Account Names that you have shared with will have a checkmark next to that name in your Share Control. You can also give your Friends and Share Groups Editing Rights to your information. Once you have selected your friends and groups Share Control, be sure to click on the “Save & Exit” button to save your settings. Learn more about: