Keep&Share automatically sends Dashboard Notifications to your friends when there is new information in your account that is shared with them. These Notifications always appear in the Inbox. 

If your friends are not receiving Notifications of your shares, here are potential causes:

  1. Check the item in your account that you have shared with them (such as your Calendar or Document) and make sure that the Share Control has its “Send change notifications to shares” box checked.
  2. Have your friends look at their Dashboard. All Notifications are delivered to the Dashboard.
  3. Have your friends make sure their account is set to Subscribe to your Public shares so they can get Notifications of anything you share with “Public” even if their Account Name is not on the Share List.
  4. Have your friends check their block senders list and make sure your account is not on this list (this list will block Notifications from all accounts on it).
  5. Check your own block subscribers list and make sure your friends are not blocked by your list.
  6. If your friends want to receive Notifications by email, they should check their account’s Communication Settings and make sure the Email Frequency is set to “Immediately” or “Hourly.”
  7. They need to be sure that their email addresses or mobile numbers have been verified in their Communication Settings (please also see troubleshooting texts).
  8. Your friends should make sure that the "Notifications" box is checked in their Communication Settings.