In Keep&Share, you are always in control of what you share, how you share, and who you share your document with. 

There are three types of sharing that you can have on the applications (Calendars, Files, Addresses, etc.) in your account:

  1. Public Sharing - When you share “Publicly” your information will be accessible to anyone in the world. This information will be accessible whether or not an individual has a Keep&Share account and without that individual having to log into Keep&Share. It may also show up in search engines such as Google.
  2. Limited Sharing - Limited sharing is when you choose specific friends, share groups, email addresses, and/or team members to share with in the Share Control.
  3. Private Sharing - This means that your information is completely private and no one outside of your account can access it until you change the sharing status in the Share Control. By default, any time that you create new information on Keep&Share (Calendars, Documents, etc.) your share settings will start out as “Private.”

To share your entire document, you will need to edit the settings in your document’s Share Control found while viewing or editing the document. Each document has its own individual share settings, and they always start out private. By default, no one can see (or visit) your document unless you change the sharing settings.

See the image below for how to change your Share settings:

People you enter in the Blank Sharing Field do not have to have Keep&Share accounts. Just type or paste an email address into the Blank Sharing Field.


  • All My Friends: is a pre-defined Share Group that includes all the names you have placed on your Friends List.
  • Click on the “Can Edit” checkbox to select everyone in your Share List or only select individual persons/groups Edit Rights.
  • You can set sharing to be both Public and have a Private Sharing list at the same time. This is useful if you want the Public to be able to view an item and you also want to grant edit rights to a few others. Enter the specific individuals or groups into the Share List and check the Edit box next to their names.
  • If you share information repeatedly with the same list of users, you can save time by creating a Share Group. Share Groups can include an unlimited number of users and can be used again and again to share many documents, photo albums, and other Keep&Share information. Click on the blue “Groups” link to create or modify a share group.
  • When the “Notifications” box is checked, everyone this application is shared with (and if it’s shared public, everyone who has Subscribed to you) will receive a  notification in their Dashboard, or you can click on the "Notifications" checkbox next to individual people to send only selected people notifications.

Using folder sharing with uploaded files

If you are uploading files into your account, you'll see that you have two folders that have been automatically created in your account: Publicly Shared Files and Private Files. For both of these folders, the sharing has been pre-set. All files uploaded to the "Publicly Shared Files" will be shared publicly and all files uploaded to "Private Files" will only be visible to you, unless you change the sharing.

Be sure to click on the folder with the sharing of your choice before you upload files into your account.