Once you've uploaded a File and given the File URL to other people (or put the URL on some web pages or have used the Private Sharing Link), you sometimes want to replace the File but make sure the URL stays the same. No problem. Just click on the blue “Edit” command next to the File and you can replace the File on the server with one from your computer. You can replace any file that you've uploaded into Keep&Share (documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc).

Follow the steps in the image below:

Note: This only works for files that you have uploaded into Keep&Share, not Files that you have created in Keep&Share. If you want to make changes to a document you created in Keep&Share, all you have to do is edit the Document. The URL will stay the same.

After you have selected and uploaded the Document from your computer that you want to replace your current Document, click the “Save and Exit” button on the left side of the screen. The replacement file will be uploaded to the server and take the place of the previous file. URL links will stay the same.

Virus Screening

To protect you we run an anti-virus scan on all files when they are uploaded. If we detect a virus, we refuse to place the File into your account. Therefore you can allow your Share Group to upload Files into a common Folder or account with confidence that the group is protected against the accidental uploading of an infected file.