Using Keep&Share you can store any type of PC or Mac native file including spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, MP3, JPEG, AVI, or the like (to upload a .exe file, you should first compress it into a “zip” file). Once these files are in Keep&Share they are referred to as “stored  files.” In PC parlance they are also often known as binary files.

To upload files to your account, follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have clicked on one of the Upload link options listed above, you will then be taken to the "Upload Files” dialog.

If a file does not appear in the top panel, it is because it is too large to upload under your Keep&Share account limits. You may want to upgrade your account to a larger file capacity.

If you can't find your uploaded File, look in your “My Documents” folder.

Stored files also provide a form of revision control, since they can be uploaded multiple times and each is saved in Keep&Share with a unique name with the date and time of its upload. To view a stored file simply click on its name.

Once you have uploaded a File into Keep&Share, there will be an icon next to the File name to indicate that you can download it.

Learn more about how to download Files.

What size limits are there for uploading Files?

Note that Keep&Share is not intended for sharing extremely large files or very large numbers of files such as MP3s. Accordingly, there are certain limits on uploaded file size, cumulative uploaded file size, and monthly download bandwidth. These limits are large enough to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of ordinary spreadsheets and word processing files, but only a small number of video or MP3 files. See Membership Details for more information.

Also, our virus scanner does not detect if there is a virus in your uploaded File.

Can Keep&Share play video files?

No, Keep&Share is not a video hosting service like YouTube. Video files can be uploaded, shared, and downloaded. But the video files cannot be played directly from Keep&Share. They need to be downloaded to a computer and played using the computer.