You can copy your own Photo Albums using the command bar at the top of your Photo Albums section. But what if you want to copy Photos or Photo Albums from a friend’s Keep&Share account into your own?

Copying Photos and Photo Albums from Account to Account

When you are visiting your friend's Photo Albums on their Share Page you have the option to copy a photo or an entire Photo Album into your accountFor instance, if you are viewing some photos from a friend's vacation, and you'd like to copy them into your account, it's as easy as clicking on the copy command.

The Download and Copy commands are available to all of your friends when they are viewing your Photo Albums, even if their Keep&Share accounts are free. However, your friends can only download your Photos if you have a Paid account. If you do not see the “Download or Copy” option in your friend’s Photo Albums, then they have not given you the right to do so. Learn more about giving others the right to download or copy your Photos.

First, you need to access the friend’s Share Page that you want to copy the Photos or Photos Albums from.

Once you have accessed the Photo Albums for your friend, you can follow the steps below to select individual photos or entire Photo Albums to copy.

Copying Photos

The photos that you copy will be copied directly to your Keep&Share account. It will work the same way when you copy Photo Albums.

Copying Photo Albums

First, you will need to access the photo album that you want to copy from your friend's account. Follow the steps below:

Once you have done this, you can then follow these steps to copy the photo album: