Whenever you create a Photo Album, the Photo Album is private to you until you set the Share Control on them to allow others the right to view them. Sharing is Keep&Share’s most powerful and unique feature because it allows users to access, view, and edit each other's information while providing each user complete security and control over what is shared and what is kept completely private to their account.

How to Share a Photo Album

You can share with anyone even if they do not have a Keep&Share account. Just type their email address into the “Type in a name or email address here" text field. For a friend within Keep&Share, you can type in their Keep&Share account name into this box or their email address. If your friend already has a Keep&Share account their account name will show up.

To give the people you share with the right to edit your Photo Albums, click on the “Can Edit” checkbox next to their name, or you can click on the checkbox next to "Can Edit" at the top of the Edit Rights column to select everyone in your Share List at once.

Learn more about sharing your Photo Albums publicly, limited sharing, and sharing privately.

Using the Command Bar to Share Photo Albums

If you want to share a single Photo Album or a couple of Photo Albums, you can use the command bar at the top of your Photo Albums section that reads: Share, Copy, Move, Archive, Download, and Delete. Before you have checked the box below any of your Photo Albums, the commands will look gray on your screen. After the box has been checked, the commands will look blue to show that they are active.