A unique feature of Keep&Share's Photo Albums is that many people can upload photos into the same Photo Albums. This is perfect for group Photo sharing, where many individuals may have taken photos of the event.

You can give Friends edit rights to your Photo Album. When you do this, your friends will be able to upload photos, add captions, add keyword tags, and add descriptions.

Note: When you grant Friends edit rights to a Photo Album, they cannot delete any Photos, nor delete the Photo Album.

Make sure your friends have Keep&Share accounts in order to be able to upload and edit photos in your Photo Albums. If your friends do not have Keep&Share accounts, you can use the Invite a Friend command.

How Friends can upload Photos to your Photo Album

First, you'll need to share your Photo Album with your friends. Then you'll need to give them Edit Rights. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have given your Friends editing rights, they can visit the Photo Album and insert Photos and add descriptions, titles, and keyword tags to Photos. When your Friends add Photos to your Photo Album, they can insert Photos from their own Photo Library. Your friends can also embed videos into your Photo Album.

Learn more about how your Friends can Visit your shares.

How your Friends can create New Albums in your account

You can give your Friends the ability to create new Photo Albums on your Keep&Share account. To do this you first need to create a new Folder:

After you have created the new Folder, change the Share Control to share with your friends and give them edit rights.

This method is very helpful because you can create a Folder for each Friend, and give them edit rights to that one Folder. They can then upload as many sets of Photos into Photo Albums in your account as they like.

Submit Photos by Email

Your Friends can also submit Photos to your Keep&Share account by email. Learn more about how Friends can email Photos to you.