Although you cannot directly upload videos into Keep&Share, any video that you’ve uploaded to a video service such as YouTube can be easily embedded into a Photo Album. First, upload your video to your favorite video service. Then copy the “embed” code from the video service to your clipboard. Then Edit your Keep&Share album and select the “Embed a Video” button and paste the code into the “Embed” text field.

Once the video has been embedded into your Photo Album, a thumbnail image of what your video looks like will appear in the album. When you click on that thumbnail image, the video player for your album will be brought up and you can play your video. If your video is hosted on Youtube, the thumbnail from Youtube will be displayed. Videos hosted on other services will display with a generic blue camera icon thumbnail.

Can I upload videos to Keep&Share?

Yes, you can upload Videos by uploading them as “Files.” Using Keep&Share you can store any type of PC or Mac native file including spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, MP3, JPEG, AVI, etc. Once these files are in Keep&Share they are referred to as “stored  files.” Learn more about uploading Files.

Can Keep&Share play video files?

Yes, through embedding. In addition to being able to upload & download video files (and play them on your computer), you can allow a video to be played in K&S by using the embed code from the video hosting service that you uploaded your video to. Once you have the embed code for your video, you can embed that code into your Photo Album and your video can be played without having your Visitors download the video.