Photo Albums provide four different styles of viewing. When you are editing a Photo Album you can pick the default view style. But when a Friend is viewing your Photo Album, they can always switch between the styles. As well, in all views you can pick whether you want to view your Photo in small, medium or large sizes. The Photo Album views are accessible in each Photo Album you have created.

The four Photo Album styles are:

  • Light Table: Click on a “slide” on the Light Table and it will be displayed at full size. Click on the single “slide” again to return to the Light Table. Once a slide has been viewed it is dimmed on the light table so you can track your progress.

  • Film Strip: Click on any of the Film Strip’s small thumbnails and that Photo is displayed below the Film Strip.

  • Blog: Photos are displayed in a long, scrolling document-like column, complete with all photo titles and description text. A great way to quickly “scroll through” an entire Photo Album.

  • Slide Show: A classic Slide Show mode. Start an automatic Slide Show by clicking the “Start slide show” link at the top right of the Photo. You can also choose the speed of the Slide Show here. Or use the side arrows to manual pace the Slide Show.