Every Photo exists just once in your Photo Library, but each Photo can be added to an unlimited number of Photo Albums. Photo Albums are collections of photos displayed in the sequence you place them.

Creating a New Photo Album

There are five ways to create a new Photo Album:

  1. By uploading new photos directly into your Photo Album
  2. By adding photos from your library
  3. By allowing others to upload photos into your Photo Album
  4. By using photos from a Photo Library search
  5. By linking to embedded videos

All of these options allow you to create a new blank Photo Album and then add photos to that album using one of the five methods listed above. You will first need to go to the Photo Album Folder you want to add a new album to. Follow the steps in the image below:

When you're in the "Album Folders" Folder set you can click on the folder that you want to add a new Photo Album to and then click on the "Show" link at the top of the Folder card to show your folders on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you have navigated to the folder that you want to add a folder to, access the “New Album” dialog by following the steps in the image below:

After clicking on the button of your choice that determines how photos or other media will be added to your photo album, you will be taken through the steps to choose your photos for that album. You will also have the options pictured below to choose the name of your album, which folder it will go to, and how your album will look.

Learn more about the four Photo Album layouts that you can use.