Why will some of my pictures not upload?

Most likely, the pictures are not in a file format that Keep&Share can accept — you can upload photos in any of the three most common photo file formats: GIF, PNG, and JPEG. For JPEG files, the file extension can be either “.jpg”, “.jpe” or “.jpeg.”

If you choose any files that are not GIF, PNG or JPEG, (for example TIFF), then the photo uploader will not upload these photos.

Can I control the order in which my uploaded photos will appear?

Photos appear in the same order that they are uploaded. Upload order is controlled by the order in which they are placed in the bottom panel of the photo uploader. If you add or drag photos one at a time into the bottom panel, you can precisely control the order. If you give the “Add All” command, the photos are copied from the top panel to the bottom panel in the same order. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can right-click in the top panel and choose “Arrange Icons By” to change the order of the top pane before giving the “Add All” command.

Why am I not receiving the email verification that my photos were uploaded?

There are two reasons that you may not be receiving the email verification:

  1. You haven’t checked the box in your Email Settings to receive an upload notification when you email photos to Keep&Share.
  2. If the email notification is not appearing in your inbox, it may because of your spam filters. Please note that spam filters will oftentimes stop some emails from Keep&Share.com when they also are allowing other emails from Keep&Share.com to come through. We recommend adding “notify@keepandshare.com” to your email address book (the exact email address that the notification emails are sent from) so that these emails aren't sent to your spam folder.

Why can I not email photos to Keep&Share from my mobile device?

Photos must be sent using a real email address and arrive as a normal email attachment. Sending photos from phones via “text messages” or “MMS” will rarely work due to the non-standard way many phones send photos in text messages.

If you are using a smartphone that is configured to send emails using a real email address, you should be able to send photos into Keep&Share with no problems.