It’s easy to upload Photos into your account by sending them via email. You can do this using any email program that can attach photos to your email message and then emailing those photos to a special email address in Keep&Share in your Email Settings. Both you and your friends can then email photos to your Keep&Share account using this unique email address.

How to email a Photo to yourself

First, you need to turn on the “Send Photos and Files to Keep&Share” feature on your account. To do this, follow the steps in the image below:

Click the checkbox next to “Email me immediately whenever an upload is received by email” to receive an email verification of your upload. Keep&Share will send you an “Upload Email Notification” to you, summarizing what was uploaded, including the sender’s email address, and the destination folder and/or Album. You can click on the link in the email to go directly to the Folder containing the new uploads.

After you have turned on this feature, you will need to copy the “photo” email address unique to your Keep&Share account, pictured below:

Then follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new email in your preferred email client and address the email to the unique “photo” email address that you copied from your Email Settings. Be sure that you use this email address because that address tells Keep&Share which account the photos are to be sent to.
  2. Attach up to 5 Photos in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format. The total size of the attached Photos should be no more than what your Keep&Share plan allows. Learn more about Keep&Share pricing plans. The email’s subject line will be used as the title for the Photo.
  3. The emailed photos are placed in the Photo Album tab in the Navigator in a Folder named “Emailed Photos.” This Folder will be located in a Folder Set.

  4. If you selected the “Email me...” feature in your Email Settings, you (the account owner) are sent an email confirmation listing the files that were uploaded, the sender, and the destination folder.

How Friends can email a Photo to you

By default, your Keep&Share account will only allow you to upload photos into your account. If you want to allow other email addresses (either yours or your friends’), you must add them in your Email Settings in the “Send Photos and Files to Keep&Share” feature.

If you’d like your friends to be able to send Photos via email into your Keep&Share account, turn this feature on in the Email Settings screen.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose to receive Photos from either “the addresses I add below,” “everyone except the addresses I list below,” or “everyone else.” Remember, if you want to receive email Photos from your friends, their email addresses must follow under one of these categories.

If you want additional security, you can also use this control to create a “white list” (using the command, “Turn on this feature for myself and the addresses I add below”) of allowed email addresses, or a “blacklist” (the command, “Turn on this feature for myself and everyone except the addresses I list below”) of email addresses that will be blocked from sending. If you pick either the “white list” or “blacklist”, you must then also add emails to the list using the “Add Address” button.

After you have turned this feature on, your friends can follow the steps to email you a photo as if you were emailing the Photo to yourself, and send the photos to your unique "photo” email address located in your Email Settings.

Note: When you or your friends send photos using this unique email address, you can add descriptive text when you send the email such as what the attached photo includes. For example, when you create your email and attach your photo, in the “To” field you can put the following: “Vacation Photos <>” where the email address is replaced with your account’s unique address.