As the owner of all of the Photos and Photo Albums in your account, at any time you can download your images to your computer. You can download single photos in the Photo Library, or you can download entire Photo Albums. You can also download Photos and Photo Albums from your friends if they have given you that ability.

Note: Downloading Photo Albums and Photos is only a feature of paid Keep&Share accounts.

Downloading your Photos

Downloading your Photo Albums

Download Photos from your friends

When you are visiting your friend's Photo Albums on their Share Page you have the option to download your friend's Photos and Photo Albums. You can only do this if your friend has given you the option to download and if your friend has a paid Keep&Share account.

Download Photo Albums from your friends

In order for you to be able to download photo albums from your friends, they will need to have shared the photo album with you. Once they have done that, you can access the photo albums that your friend has shared with you by following the steps below:

Once on the page with all of the Photo Albums that your friend has shared with you, you can then download the photo album by following these steps: