Keep&Share provides 5 different methods to upload photos into your account:

  1. A fast, bulk uploader that allows you to select scores of photos and upload them all at once. The bulk uploader compresses the photos before uploading, speeding the process.
  2. An optional manual uploader that allows you to pick file names one at a time and uses the browser's built-in uploading capability.
  3. Email photos into your account by attaching up to 5 photo files to an email.
  4. Create a Photo Album that others can upload photos into
  5. Upload photos using your mobile device

Bulk Uploader vs. Manual Uploader

We only recommend the manual uploader for instances in which the bulk uploader will not install or run due to browser compatibility issues.

The Bulk uploader uploads photo files at least 10 times faster than the Manual uploader. This is because the Bulk uploader compresses the photo before uploading. The Manual uploader has to upload the full original photo file, taking much longer. The uploaded photo quality is the same for both Bulk and Manual. But the Bulk uploader is 10+ times faster.

In the circumstance that your browser if having issues using our Bulk Uploader, we have other options for uploading photos including the Manual uploader, Flash uploader, and App uploader.